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Our Custodian - Oba Ategbe
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Oba AtegbeDr. Ifábùkúnmi O. Adéwálé, our Oba Ategbe, is a renowned practitioner and scholar of traditional Yoruba medicine and religion. He is the author of The Plants of Traditional Medicine, vol 1 and featured speaker on Yoruba traditions for many engagements. Dr. Adéwálé is the spiritual leader of Ile Ategbe and medical director of Adewura Natural Medical Centre in Lagos, Nigeria and Adewura Natural Remedies in the U.S., where he has developed numerous herbal remedies. Combining traditional Yoruba culture and western academic study, Ifábùkúnmi Adéwálé is a veritable doctor of traditional medicine:  a Babalawo, Oníşègùn, pharmacognosist and ethno botanist. This background in both worlds gives Dr. Adéwálé a unique and comprehensive perspective into science, culture and health.

Born in Èkìtì State, Nigeria, Dr. Adéwálé was reared in Òrìşà tradition from childhood. Stemming from two distinct lines of royalty – spiritual: the current Oba Ategbe; and municipal: an heir to Olábò of Epòró/Emùré- Èkìtì   

Adewale Olabo imageDr. Ifábùkúnmi Adéwálé is an nth generation Babalawo (father of spiritual secrets) and Oníşègùn (owner of medicine), He follows a long-line of healers and priests. Under the tutelage of both his father and uncle, two widely sought after Babalawo and healers of their time, and received an extensive and rigorous training, which prohibited him from engaging in formal schooling after his primary education. However, because of his inquisitiveness and persistence, he was allowed to attend college on one condition: that when his schooling was complete he would return to his spiritual commitments with vigor. This compromise set the foundation for his dual role as a theoretical scientist and practitioner of traditional medicine. Inspired by that charge, he enrolled at the University of Lagos (Nigeria) where he earned a B.Sc in Biology (Special Hons) and was trained as a biosystematic plant taxonomist, conducted postgraduate research and trained others in his field. At the University of Ibadan, he trained and conducted postgraduate research in Pharmacognosy. This combined research led to the development of his Cleaner 109 product. Amazingly, he also found time to earn a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science from Lagos City Polytechnic.

Dr. Ifábùkúnmi Adéwálé has committed his life to educating and healing. His personal botanic garden contains over 1000 plant species and has become an important teaching site for ethno botany students. Over the past two decades, he has sat on various committees of the Lagos State Board of Traditional and Alternative Medicine. He also serves as secretary to the International Congress of Orişa Tradition and Culture (Nigeria Chapter). Additionally, his critically acclaimed recorded presentations, Introduction to Yoruba Culture & Religion, Orişa & Medicinal Plants and ORÍ – Graph of Human Destiny have made him a sought after lecturer on traditional Yoruba medicine, religion and culture. His most recent appointments include the New York Open Center and the University of Georgia.

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